Friday, February 28, 2014

At Seventeen

"It isn't all it seems, at seventeen...." Janis Ian, At Seventeen, 1975

Scanning the digital world, cup of coffee in hand. Loyal Portie at my side and music streaming down on Rhapsody. Glancing over e-mails, I visit a discussion on about fitness testing for cops. One of the writers is getting a little worked up - lots of words in ALL CAPS. His opponent asks him to stop shouting. I don't know that the writer is aware of the convention. "Anyway, oldtimers over fifty...."


Bikecopblog, the ravings of an unstable oldtimer, has passed seventeen thousand visits. This "thank you note" is for all of you out there who can't quite keep a flat stomach, color in your hair and the wrinkles from appearing. Maybe we've lost a step, have to tuck in behind our thirty-something bike cop partner on the way to a call, head home at night to soak our old bones instead of heading to Bee Dub Three.

Seventeen was scary. I'm an oldtimer with a fulfilling job, a good marriage and three fabulous kids. Beat that with a stick.

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