Thursday, February 20, 2014


Please welcome my friend and guest blogger Wil Cochenour. I cannot count the number of bike miles we've shared, both on and off duty.  

Discovering your own innate talents is often a lifelong struggle as you try various things looking for the kind of success and satisfaction that tells you that you've found your ‘calling’.  I had the honor to witness my good friend, Jim discover his ‘calling’. 

Jim and I took a long early season bike ride today.  We enjoyed and took advantage of the April weather in February.  Of course, so did many others.   The trails we rode on today were busy with people walking their dogs, taking their children for walks, and the occasional homeless person enjoying the riverside.  In addition there were a gaggles of geese using the trails today. 

I am still struggling with a term for this particular talent that Jim discovered: “Goose-herder”, “Gooseherd”, “Gaggler”, “Goose Whisperer”?  Although the last term I think was not what I saw, as there was no training happening, just the motivating of multiple geese to move aside.  The tonal quality of the honking produced was second only to the geese themselves, and the geese had to call in concert to get the volume that Jim attained. 

It’s not everyday that you discover an innate talent.  In fact, many people go through life without ever realizing any of their talents.  Today I was proud to witness my friend in his personal growth!  


  1. I have a specific and direct order form Jen to corner Jim and record the now famous goose call! (I'm still laughing and looking forward to witnessing the awesomeness!)

  2. Hahahaha!! Truly, I'm not sure it can be replicated.... For oh so many reasons!