Monday, February 3, 2014


Vinny Gambini: Oh, a counter-offer. That's what we lawyers - I'm a lawyer - we lawyers call that a counter-offer. This is a tough decision here. Get my ass kicked or collect $200. Let me think... I could use a good ass-kickin', I'll be very honest with you... nah, I think I'll just go with the two hundred. My Cousin Vinny (1992)

One need not be an athlete, nor watch sports very long or often, to be acquainted with "The Blowout." Seemingly professional, well-prepared teams peaking at just the right time throw down an awful performance. Bike racers in top shape get spit out the back of the peleton, .300 hitters struggle to make contact.... A certain Hall of Fame quarterback goes from "Omaha" to "Oh My God!" in an instant. Shit gets real...real fast.

Last year, game one of the World Series.  "Cardinals shortstop Pete Kozma committed a pair of costly errors, including a missed catch on the front half of what might have been an inning-ending double play grounder hit by David Ortiz in the first. Second base umpire Dana DeMuth initially ruled that Kozma lost the ball on the transition, but the crew held a brief meeting and changed the call.
Mike Napoli made Kozma and the Cardinals pay for the gaffe by depositing a cutter fromAdam Wainwright into left-center field for a bases-clearing double, giving Boston an early three-run lead.
An inning later, Wainwright and Yadier Molina allowed a harmless pop up off the bat ofStephen Drew fall between them in front of the mound. Three batters later, Kozma's second error loaded the bases, and the Red Sox added a couple more runs -- although it could have been more, if not for Carlos Beltran's catch to rob Ortiz of a grand slam." So said ESPN. 

In a "one and done" the stinker is a season killer. Happening in the Super Bowl, it is impossible to hide. The Broncos threw down a stinker. Roger that. 

Welcome home, Broncos. It was a classic season. 

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