Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Kind Heart

"Well, here's my counter-offer." Vincent Gambini (Joe Pesci) My Cousin Vinnie.

Mourning the passing of Police Agent Jason Bush.

I didn't know what to do.

The scam was well-orchestrated. A fly-by-night moving company would pack up a person's belongings, and transport them across town. Arriving at the destination, the crew would point to an obscure clause buried in the moving document's legalese and demand additional money to unload, sometimes a substantial sum. Often, people paid grudgingly, angrily. But, they usually paid. 

A woman called the police. Her story was compelling - shoestring budget, down on her luck... She couldn't afford to pay, but everything she owned (save the broken-down car she drove, and the clothes on her back) was packed in the moving truck. An examination of the contract didn't amount to much, and anyway, this was a contract dispute. A classic civil situation. Police officers rarely have options beyond suggesting the aggrieved person consult an attorney.

I don't know why I called for Jason, but I did. Level headed, lots of common sense, huge heart, a traffic guy. He arrived, and I explained the dilemma.

"Yeah, well. We'll see about that."

Jason conducted a thorough, no-nonsense don't mess with me truck inspection. He requested documents I'd never heard of. He inspected tires, brakes, hoses...and vehicle parts I didn't know existed. Lights, horns, belts. In the end, he declared the vehicle unsafe for commercial use. It had to stay parked for some substantial period of time (hours, if memory serves). The crew was miffed, to say the least. Jason smiled.

"Of course, if it's empty, it's no longer being used commercially and you can leave."

They started moving the woman's property into her new apartment. Problem solved.

We will miss him. We hold his family and friends in our hearts. We remember the wonderful man he was, how caring and kind, how much his smile could boost everyone's spirits.

And we aspire to emulate the compassionate manner in which he served the citizens of our community. May you find peace, sir.


  1. What a wonderful man. I'm so sorry for your loss, my friend. I'm here if you need to talk.

  2. Agent Bush is a loss to the police force and the community. His unique approach and problem-solving skills are examples of creative thinking and positive ways to avoid escalation of serious, dangerous situations. As usual, Bikecop has written eloquently and captured the essence of the subject.