Monday, February 6, 2017

Now That You Asked

I have a friend...

She's a business and marketing consultant who is set to help me grow my writing gig. I have no expectations of The Martian like grandeur, I'd just like to have more people read what I've written. As part of the homework she assigned, I am to complete a questionnaire. One of the items I found...profoundly interesting.

"What do you see as your writing legacy?"

I gave this considerable thought. Much of public writing these days seems less designed to persuade or celebrate, and more likely to attack, belittle or denigrate. Other writing is shamelessly commercial. Okay, so that's not what I want. Then it hit me.

I want my grandkids, and great-grandkids to see, in my writing, who we were. What was important to their Grandmother and I. Where did we go, what did we see. What was compelling enough to me (the writer, the cop, the dad) that I sat in front of a computer for hour upon hour, to craft stories that stood for something.

Women are heroes. Defeating the enemies of our community and our country is hard work, a calling for incredibly brave people. It's okay to fall in love, even under the most complicated situations. Everyone's life matters, everyone has the right to find happiness as they see fit.

When they were alive and well, the old folks were hell on wheels. They went places, they did things. They were not afraid to take chances, dare to dream. Or, if they were afraid, they went anyway.

Someday, the pictures and the words will help them understand who they are, too. I hope it brings them joy.

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