Monday, November 7, 2011

A Young Kid with a Dream - BUMPED

"It's not show friends, it's show business."*

Tim Tebow. Has there been an equally polarizing sports figure in the last decade, at least here in Denver? Even I - did he ride the Tour de France for Radio Shack, or Garmin? - I have an opinion.

Last week's game against Detroit, he was pretty bad. This week, he made a few plays, got the ball to open receivers and did a bit of running. Got knocked on his butt a few times, too. In the end, he did what professional athletes of all shapes and sizes do - he contributed to his team's victory.

There was a poignant little moment, right at the end, where a few of the Raiders had some after-the-battle comments for him. I couldn't hear them, of course, but the facial expressions and body language said - "Nice game, kid. You did fine today."

Maybe he won't make it. Maybe he has the wrong skill set for the NFL. But, damn...a young kid on a cloudy Sunday afternoon in especially hostile Oakland did the job he's always dreamed of earning.

What a great moment.

UPDATE: "He believes in what he believes in." Von Miller.

Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post suggests that pro sports could use a little bit of enthusiasm for something other than "showcasing my skills" attitudes. Isn't it nice to see a group of professionals rally around the idea that "they" make each other stronger?

*Bob Sugar (Jay Mohr), Jerry Maguire, 1996.


  1. I agree, who knows if he'll make it in the NFL. If he changes the way he's plays and is committed to learning then he's got a shot. And the thing about Tebow is he IS committed to learning and changing. He seems like a decent guy, a good head on his shoulders, wants to succeed at something he loves to do. I'm pulling for him; it's refreshing to see him love the game and not just the fame.

  2. Thanks, Kate! Yeah, whatever else he seems a decent guy. It's one thing to wonder about his skills, yet another to actively root for his public humiliation. So many people here in Denver seem thrown into the latter category. And I have to ask - mocking his prayer Tebowing thing in a football game? Gotta think there are better ways to do that.

  3. I watch football when my 17-year-old son watches it and we're Niner's fans although I'm a little swayed toward the Raiders since we live right next to Oakland in Alameda. So, go TEBOW!

  4. Thanks, Patti! I love that part of California! For me, it was about how the young man held his head up and did his best with a lot of people hoping he fell on his face (mostly Broncos fans). The Niners have always been a class act, and goodness the Giants have a lovely stadium - even though they're tough rivals of my beloved Rockies!