Monday, November 28, 2011

A Young Kid with a Dream - BUMPED

UPDATE: "He believes in what he believes in." Vonn Miller, on Tim Tebow.

I bumped this because it's a story that just won't go away. After yesterday's thriller in San Diego, I brought this post back, with a question.

Isn't this kind of fun?

Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post suggests that pro sports could use a little bit of enthusiasm for something other than "showcasing my skills" attitudes. Isn't it nice to see a group of professionals rally around the idea that "they" make each other stronger?

From early November:

"It's not show friends, it's show business."*

Tim Tebow. Has there been an equally polarizing sports figure in the last decade, at least here in Denver? Even I - did he ride the Tour de France for Radio Shack, or Garmin? - I have an opinion.

Last week's game against Detroit, he was pretty bad. This week, he made a few plays, got the ball to open receivers and did a bit of running. Got knocked on his butt a few times, too. In the end, he did what professional athletes of all shapes and sizes do - he contributed to his team's victory.

There was a poignant little moment, right at the end, where a few of the Raiders had some after-the-battle comments for him. I couldn't hear them, of course, but the facial expressions and body language said - "Nice game, kid. You did fine today."

Maybe he won't make it. Maybe he has the wrong skill set for the NFL. But, damn...a young kid on a cloudy Sunday afternoon in especially hostile Oakland did the job he's always dreamed of earning.

What a great moment.

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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Tebow will never be Peyton Manning on the football field but they're similar in their attitude and off the field. They're good guys.

    In the world of NBA lockouts so the gazillionaires make more gazillions, cheating on their wives, may or may not have raped women, or just being general egotistical douche bags, it's refreshing when a guy like Tebow comes along. He believes in God not just because it's trendy or makes him "seem" like a good guy; he believes in God and is outspoken out about it because HE BELIEVES IN GOD. He loves his parents, he's faithful to his girlfriend and he's just all-around jazzed he gets to do what he loves; play the game of football with the big boys.

    The Hubs doesn't like to get "involved" in a players' personal life, but as someone who does I would rather watch a good guy play decently than an asshole play great and gloat about it to whoever will listen.