Tuesday, November 15, 2011


"Support, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Michael Avery, professor of constitutional law at Suffolk University (Boston), believes it is "shameful" to send care packages to American service members during the holidays. Apparently, boxes full of sunscreen, carmex and nut mix so aid the war effort that those who send them support killers.


Who would have guessed a backlash spirited enough to prompt the president of the law school to issue something of a "clarification," reminding everyone that faculty members' personal views, while protected by law, do not reflect the opinions of the law school. Also, that the school has a long tradition of support for military members, programs that aid veterans and educate future JAG officers and so forth. Also, that Professor Avery is an idiot.

Wait.... Strike that last sentence, he didn't write that. Let me.

Professor Avery is an idiot. He is free, whatever his short-sighted and obtuse reasons, to kindly decline the offer to contribute. He might even voice his rejection of military force, either generally or as applied in the cases of Afghanistan and Iraq. Hidden under the protective umbrella of man and women in uniform, he may harbor any misguided opinions and utter his own choice of nit-witticisms in support. His use of the word "shameful" to brand the operation of good-hearted people disinclined toward his views is disreputable.

He is, of course, secure in the knowledge that the men and women of the US Armed Forces, local police and fire departments will not be detailed to his office or to his home to...demand that he either amend his statements or face beheading. Quite the contrary. Police officers will be detailed to keep an eye on his house, and military members will continue to fight and die. Why?

Because none of us do our jobs for him. We do them for us, for the idea that is the United States. We have all taken the "support, protect and defend" oath and I don't remember any mention by name of some dyspeptic college professor in Boston. We all take that oath seriously, knowing that it might one day cost us everything.

So prattle on, sir. We have your back. That's the only way this thing works.

Just don't expect a Christmas package from me. You can buy your own damn sunscreen.


  1. Because sending those men packages makes them so happy they want to stay over there and continue getting care packages? That's it, let's boycott Carmex!

    This guy is what the Director of Communications fears. You have to not come out and say "this guy is an idiot and we're questioning why we have him on staff" even though that's exactly what you mean.

    I'm sure he'll be getting PLENTY of Christmas packages but I suggest he not open any of them.

  2. You always make me laugh! I don't think his comments will change the number of people who contribute, but I think it makes those of us who do contribute more committed. I remember the days when service members were spit on, and that can NEVER happen again.