Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The Question Nobody Asked

The assembled families had questions. We gave answers. No one chose to ask the question my wife asks constantly, knowing there is no real way to phrase a response.
"Will my husband be okay?"
I don't have any way of knowing. But this much I know:
A recruit entering law enforcement in 2015 receives some of the best training available in any profession. Three of my colleagues are state-recognized subject matter experts in important, difficult skills. Many of the men and women who teach across the state in academies, and in-service sessions, are among the best in the country. When a new officer leaves a certified academy setting, they are as well prepared for what they will face as the constraints of time and money make possible. 

One other thing. While our evening session marched on, people all over the country were tuning in to watch actors pretend to be what the men and women in the room were preparing to do.

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