Saturday, September 19, 2015

Thank You, Cops

Posted on Facebook was an announcement that it is, or was, or will be "National Thank A Police Officer Day." I am one, so it seems a bit self serving, huh? But, let me tell a story.

My father died just before Christmas in 2010. His passing occurred around the same time that my daughter had an emergency c-section that both saved her life and brought Graham Patrick Gaffney into the world, kicking and bleating. Oh... We had sold our house and were moving.

I left for Rochester, NY, and then Detroit. My wife remained behind, to sort out the move. She organized, planned, discarded and then began our life in our new house, alone. New neighborhood, unfamiliar surroundings.

I called out to several friends...cops. Could they please keep an eye on the house, and Pat, while I was away? Then, I moved on to other things.

Months later, at a neighborhood block party, one of our new friends admitted to apprehension over our arrival. "Just after you moved in," she said, "cops started driving by your house...a lot...shining spotlights on it. We wondered who in the world had moved in."

Thank you, officers.

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