Monday, September 7, 2015

A Reading Reader

Who are you?

There are several counters that I follow, to determine what blog entries are popular, or forgettable. When someone visits the blog itself I get credit for the visit, but don't know which posts were read. If they snag one of the posts, the counter scores that a 1 for the post and adds it to the total. It can be interesting to watch.

Many of the posts most enjoyable to write (often the law porn) are largely ignored. Others, tossed into cyberspace almost as an afterthought, garner dozens, sometimes hundreds of reads. If I actually knew what I was doing, maybe I'd know why.

But, out there, tonight and for the last several weeks, some one is reading. The counter racks up twenty four hits, twenty four individual entry visits. The list of posts read string beyond the limit of the dashboard - Charmed - 1, Shirtsleeves - 1. Someone started reading a few weeks ago and it looks like they are visiting each and every post.

Whoever you are picking them off one by one... I hope you are enjoying them. I've gotten to read some of my favorites, just after you did. I'm very much enjoying rereading as we go. What do you think?

UPDATE: You'll understand when you read it. With thanks.


  1. Very worthy indeed.
    One of my favorites. Of course, anything that starts with "John Wayne" is going to be good.

    1. Thank you! Can't go wrong quoting The Duke.