Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Toward the Foe

With the sheer volume of writing about the Dallas murders, there is no scarcity of voiced opinions or narratives. Regardless of the "side," one can find writing that suits the need to read something reinforcing an intuition. High-brow writers, famous individuals and the usual parade of limelighter politicians... The "elite" of opinion peddlers. Not to add to the intermingling of voices, but to speak a little lower to the ground:
Photo by Robert Moore

  • The Dallas Police chief is an especially impressive man. His comments about society's over-reliance on law enforcement to solve problems better suited for others were well stated. His other statement - "We're hiring" - was brilliant. 
  • There are no more chilling words for a friend, coworker or family member than "He didn't make it." Until that point there is hope, however slim. After, only the pain of loss that never goes away.
  • Agree or disagree with their position, Black Lives Matter protesters have every right to express their opinions. They are under no obligation to frame their arguments, or express their grievances in any manner other than the ones of their choosing, except that it be done "peaceably." By all measures the Dallas protest fit that description. That officers who were present to keep the peace would rush to protect people who were moments before marching against police actions is only astonishing to the uninformed. 
  • The outpouring of support for law enforcement has totally drowned out those few who attempt to rub salt in the open wounds for their own aggrandizement. Theirs is a malignant, pointless, self-important message of hate. It is one of the true flaws in our information culture - an idiot with a smart phone can express an opinion seen by thousands, while the young mom who buys coffee for an officer at Starbucks goes on her way, raising her children, and society's net worth, in blissful anonymity.
  • The woman who was tagged in the leg is a hero. The way she told her story, how she wanted her kids to see the protest, then shielded her son after she'd been wounded, is so gently told from such a good heart that it is impossible not to tear up. Her heartfelt gratitude for the officers who fell, and those who rescued her, stands as a symbol of how good typical Americans truly are.
  • I am awestruck, and at the same time not surprised, at the heroism of the Dallas officers. I am, every day, blessed with the company of many such heroes, men and women who have run toward the sound of guns. 
  • Finally...BOOM! No, dude, it wasn't a candy-gram.

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