Saturday, July 2, 2016

Pick Me

We were told by our soldier (an occasional guest blogger on these pages) not to mention where she was going. By now, most everyone knows that she enlisted in the US Army and reported for basic training. Most of you also know she sustained a serious, but non-life threatening injury that will probably end her military career. In typical Beth fashion, she has made life-long friends among her platoon mates, as well as those who are sharing their days recuperating from their own mishaps. Beyond that, it is her tale to tell.

Relieved she will soon recover, we are also deeply disappointed that her goal may not be realized. We could not be prouder of the courage her decision took, her strength in the face of an intensely painful occurrence and her optimism that she will return to health. She dedicated a year to preparing for induction. None of that will go to waste.

We have three extraordinary children. One has been a police officer for 18 years and is an exceptional father. Another is the mother of two precocious, engaging children - both of whom were born under the most trying of circumstances. She is tougher, more resilient and braver than many people twice her size.

Then, there is our soldier. She swore an oath and said "Take me. I'll go." On this July 4th weekend, we celebrate another American who pledged her life, her fortune and her sacred honor in defense of liberty. We will see her soon.

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