Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Last Hours

A friend put it best - the lead story on tonight's news is the Bronco Super Bowl Parade?

It probably says a lot about where a TV station's priorities stand. Forgive those of us who wear uniforms and serve our communities. One of our own is living out the last hours of his life hooked to machines, the victim of gunshot wounds. Several lucky people will live on, recipients of the generosity of his family even as they mourn a loss too horrible to contemplate.

That is not to say the tragic end to a noble life should elbow everything from our consciousness but mourning. One of the results of an officer's final efforts - and the professionalism of his teammates to apprehend the asshole who shot him - is that the people of his or her community continue to live out their own lives in peace, security and freedom. 

Maybe we could have thanked our lucky stars for the life of a warrior before moving on to celebrate a game. Farewell, Deputy Geer. To many of us, your honorable service and ultimate sacrifice will live on in our hearts long after the echos of a parade have faded.

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