Friday, June 12, 2015

Turn the Page

“Step back in perspective, open your heart and welcome transition into a new phase of life.”
Linda Rawson

They marched in two by two, forty-five graduates of a demanding eight hundred eighty hour training course. Dressed in their Class A's, they were trim and confident. The auditorium was filled nearly to capacity with friends, family and soon to be coworkers. The audience stood as the class entered, and then something amazing happened.

The sound. Hundreds of people created the most amazing sound. It began as a cheer, a cacophony of greetings called out to a loved one. But, it built into a crescendo of praise, of respect and admiration reserved for those who step up to accept a worthy challenge.

Law enforcement is under fire. It has become a blood sport to locate an event that portrays an officer in a bad light (sometimes, but not always, deserved) and then casually extrapolate. Employing the broad brush of careless rhetoric, it is "cops" who made the mistake, as though some collective form of guilt by association falls over everyone in uniform. Many of the perpetually self-interested leap to judge before the involved officers have a chance to catch their breath.

Yet, admirable men and women still step up. "Pick me," they say. And then they fight for the right to be part of something bigger than themselves.

This is a fabulous time to become a police officer. The need for strong, fair-minded and service-oriented individuals has never been greater. It is easy to accept a challenge when things are going well. It takes a particular kind of person to see the struggles they will face, roll up their sleeves (figuratively - Class A means long sleeves and a tie) and say "Let's get to work."

Be safe, strive for excellence. Don't be strangers. We're proud of you.

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