Monday, May 11, 2015

What People Really Think

Please welcome my friend AJ Zayatz to Bikecopblog. This is Law Enforcement Week, and his words explain better what we experience than any I could conjure. People believe in us. 

You know this has been a crazy week in this country, especially Baltimore, disbelief comes to mind. I however still believe most people believe in police and respect them. I for one saw this during my week. First an older couple who wouldn't say no to buying me coffee and they said thank you for your service. Since where I work I cannot accept free items I put money in the tip jar to cover it but in a way this couple didn't see. Then today out of nowhere with my head always on a swivel a man stops next to me asking how's my day, I say just kicking it off. He says I appreciate your work, be safe.

So hopefully at some point we can get the masses to speak up and show that having a job never knowing if it's your last shift and your family will never see you again overcomes this mayhem that is going on.

Be safe and try to keep positive because I who am usually pessimistic actually am optimistic. Society really does care. We just need to stay tough and hopefully at some point things change. Only one can hope.

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