Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Saddle Up

Goal setting.

Every time I ride this, I vow that it will be my last. Get up ahead of the Dawn Patrol, set off for Avon from Bergen Park (120 miles) and prepare to:

*Get passed.... A lot.
*Eat dry bagels, squeeze twenty or so goo packs, drink several gallons of sports drink.
*Get rained on. It almost always rains on the slog toward Officer's Gulch. That is, when it doesn't rain all day...except when it is snowing.
*Risk a fall (stupidly) and need medical attention. Be giggled at by a paramedic, oh joy.
*Have yet another fabulous ride.

Each of my attempts has been unique. In 2001 (my first) I prepared diligently and, riding alone, completed it easily. In 2002 I awoke with a fever and abandoned in the area of Loveland Pass. There was the ride where it rained or snowed the whole way. I made it (with friend Wil) to the other side of Loveland Pass where, shivering too much to hold the handlebars, I rode to a Starbucks and waited for daughter Katy to rescue me. The next year we finished.

Last time - a friend fest.

This will be the last Triple, though. I'm serious this time.

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