Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Another Road

"Seen the false horizon fade away like bison
Headed for the jungle, the cowboy can't endure
Never look back, that's what he swore
I'll take my pony to the shore
somewhere, somewhere" Take Another Road, Jimmy Buffett (Off To See The Lizard, 1989).

I was at a training class recently. I wore cargo Dockers and a silk shirt - tan and green palm trees, creme background. One of my friends referred to me for the rest of the day as "Jimmy Buffett."

Posting beach selfies when I was in Florida for daughter Beth's wedding, sharing vistas courtesy of "Sanibel Island and Ft. Myers Beach" on FB moved my Cuz Carol to encourage me to maintain my Jimmy Buffett side. 

I love Jimmy Buffett music. I am hugely envious and amazingly impressed how James William Buffett, born Christmas Day in Mississippi, has become Jimmy Buffett - musician, author, businessman.

Then I run across obscure songs like this.

And I love his music even more.

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