Wednesday, May 21, 2014

General Principles

"An experienced police officer knows that, sometimes, it sucks to be you."

Things about our trip to Santa Barbara that didn't suck:

  • Good housemates. They are a godsend. Ours were bright, witty and gregarious under usual circumstances. They were steadfast under the relentless stress of illness. In the end, we are stronger friends because we endured the ups and downs together.
  • Finding out that Stage Five of the Tour of California finishes .9 miles (to be bike race-ish, 1.448 kilometers) from our rental's front door, spending the day at the beach and then watching Taylor Phinney carry a 20 second lead at the 1K kite, the peloton stalking him like a hungry cheetah. 
  • Santa Barbara. What's not to love about a place whose biggest grocery store is called Ralph's (which didn't suck, either).
  • Riding bikes along the coast with "The Boys" - two new friends.
  • Having drinks and sharing a shell fish appetizer with my wife on a cloudless 70 degree day as boats cycle out of and into the harbor.
The one thing that did:
  •  Several of our group getting sick - with that.
An hour after we landed DIA closed due to thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes. Media reported that some passengers were ordered to shelters. We felt bad for the people who couldn't take off, who landed in - wherever - or who circled in bumpy weather. 

Hearing about it as we pulled into our driveway didn't suck.

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