Monday, January 2, 2017

In Print

I felt that I had to write. Even if I had never been published, I knew that I would go on writing, enjoying it and experiencing the challenge. Gwendolyn Brooks

Over the last ten years I have had the privilege of working with Marci Baun and her imprint, Wild Child Publishing. The first time a writer reads the words "We'd like to talk to you about publishing your work" it matters little who, or what...or where.

Wild Child has taken a break, falling...not quite victim, but finding the landscape nevertheless the rapidly evolving world of publishing. It is all too common to see good work, done by talented writers, failing to find an audience. There are myriad explanations, but no cure.

Marci is a warrior. She will win the fight.

In the meantime... If you would like to purchase my novels, they are (a bit at a time) available on Amazon. The Heart of the Matter, which I consider my best writing, is now in print form.

Print form. Two readers - one fabulous friend and one daughter - have Facebooked pictures of them, a novel I wrote called A Miracle of Zeros and Ones that is the only other book in print, and the beach. It was an amazing thing to see.

Heart is ready for your beach.  

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