Monday, May 30, 2016

The Polarization Express

I have this friend. Perhaps she is also a coworker.  We've actually never met, but she has, for nearly ten years, supported my writing career. You probably know who I'm talking about but here at Bikecopblog we hardly ever name names.

Yesterday, she did a nice thing. She posted a meme that basically said "Point a gun at a cop, suffer consequences. You're not a victim." It seems simple. Officers are human beings who do not intend to sacrifice themselves on the alter of passing fancy. The law allows us to defend our lives, if necessary. Pardon us.

Simple, no? Of course, several of her "friends" trotted out some old, tired groaners that are not worthy of repetition. Suffice it to say that they quoted statistics, but, when asked politely for the source of their data...replied that it was self-evident. Or, something. And, tisk, tisk - you're part of the problem. Wait till they come for you! Etc!!

 One of the risks of writing police thrillers (even when sex is involved...for the characters. Stop it!) is that there are some people who will never believe cops are, for the most part, caring men and women who are trying to do a tough job with courage and honor. They have never sat with a friend who has shot someone and watched them struggle to reconcile the conflicting emotions (yes). They've never had a gun pulled on them (yes). They've never fought for their lives (yes). They've never spent a day with an officer, yet they "know" we kill people without cause hundreds of times per year. They are clearly not going to buy Out of Ideas, or The Heart of the Matter.

People like my friend never stop caring.

Someone wrote a chalk message on another friend's driveway a few days ago. It was a simple thank you for his service as an officer. It is this kind of gesture, and the courage shown by people willing to suffer criticism at the hands of Facebook Rangers that give us hope. 

We stick together, brothers and sisters in blue, and do the job because it needs to be done for our society to flourish. We have come a long way as a profession, eliminated most of the deadbeats and misfits. We go where ordinary citizens prefer not to go, involve ourselves in shit shows not of our making and try not to hurt anyone along the way. When called to defend ourselves or others, we will. 

When somebody gets it, appreciates it...  

Thank you.

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