Sunday, January 24, 2016

For Stuff

"When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro." Hunter S. Thompson.

We here at Bikecopblog strive to maintain our relevance when the going gets weird. I have started...and deleted, several posts this morning that were simply awful. Maybe it was the late night doing absolutely nothing productive (unless watching YouTube clips of Tombstone meets some obscure productivity standard). Maybe it was the middle of the night piercing alert tone from Pat's phone about a "forced fondling" near DU. Or, maybe the current news cycle (I usually enjoy a good political exchange, but...seriously?!) leaves me with nothing to write about.

So I consulted the staff. No, not the several talented guest writers who appear from time to time. The office help. CJ and Jed. The dogs. Since dogs are generally positive creatures who dispense unconditional love and affection (when not gagging to the point of retching up the cardboard they just ate), rather than follow the lead of National Review and be against something, here is what we are for.
Warm, sunlit naps. Finding the one sliver of sunshine peeking through the window and basking in it is a simple pleasure. Better if it is on the back deck, where the fresh air soothes and rejuvenates.

Unexpected treats. The main meals of a day have their virtues, especially if you are spoiled silly by housemates who put pork in a crockpot and cook it until it is melt-in-your-muzzle tender. No - weekend breakfasts involving humans and their bacon are a little corner of heaven. Steaks done in the back yard, cut into tiny pieces and served after the humans are full. ANYTHING that lands on the floor.

Homecoming. Not football games and pom poms. Okay, maybe the return of the humans deserves cheers. When the humans walk in the door they are usually stressed and tired. Giving them a sleep ring (sometimes dragging the insulted cat across the floor with it) or a partially chewed up stuffed alligator toy as a token of esteem... Priceless. Tail wagging and nuzzling time!

Bedtime. After a long day, climbing into bed, staking out territory and falling asleep in the company of the most important beings in life.

Feeling loved.

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