Friday, December 11, 2015

Four Hundred and One

"You write your first draft with your heart. You rewrite with your head. The first rule of writing is to write, not to think." William Forrester (Sean Connery), Finding Forrester, (2000).

Four hundred blog entries. With this one, four oh one.

Every one begun with the heart. Some - among the most popular with readers - never made it to my head. I've written some in deep despair and anguish. Others, were tendered in the shadowy aftermath of a duty death, one in particular that still stings. May I presume for a moment?

We, a faithful group of readers and I, have laughed together, cried together and held (in the most satisfying of virtual senses) each other in difficult moments. I have the the honor of being read by friends with whom I've shared decades, and some very special ones with whom I've shared a recent classroom.

I've tried to keep the law porn to a minimum, which (you must admit) is an impressive, if not entirely successful endeavor. I love writing about baseball, but the minuscule hits on those pieces... It is America's past time, right? The stray gadfly political efforts are done mostly knowing that some readers will agree, some disagree but most will pass, thank you. Probably a good plan.

Friend pieces were the easiest to write, and often the most fun. Ever the introvert, I have a small but loyal group, mostly associated with work, or bikes, or both. Coincidentally, they are the ones to whom I often turn when Karen, or Amy, or Cici are involved.

I've had so many opportunities to write about family. Some of it has been celebratory, while others  announced the passing of an irreplaceable parent. It has been those moments when readers have shown their greatest support, their kindest words and their respect for my loved ones.

In all of it, I owe a debt that I cannot repay. I write with my heart. You have allowed me to do that.


  1. Your words make me think, laugh, dream, and grow. Thanks for sharing your writing and insights into life (whether law porn or baseball lore).
    Bring on another Four Hundred and One.

    1. Your words are especially kind. The time will come, and it will be your insights that inspire those who follow.