Friday, November 27, 2015

Over It

Trigger Warning - bad language.

Maybe I should wait on this. I spent the day with forty-two men and women about to enter this particular maelstrom. I'm not all that patient, right now. So, given the events today in Colorado Springs:

I'm awfully tired of innocent people being killed by assholes. I'm particularly tired of putting black tape over my badge.

This guy shot five cops, killing one of them. He killed at least two citizens, people who were probably minding their own business, looking forward to Christmas, and shot a bunch more. And the great cops down in the Springs took him into custody. No revenge, no bullshit. Put handcuffs on him and loaded him into a police car. That's what the pros do.

All lives matter. Even this piece of shit.

Although, hey dude, from me to you? Fuck you.

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