Monday, October 19, 2015

The Fix

Welcoming back Anton John - my friend AJ - to Bikecopblog. He reminds us that, while we are busy tending to the needs of our imperfect society, we must also look to our own needs. It is impossible for a law enforcement officer to give their everything when they don't tend to the things that matter most - self, family, friends. It is a cautionary tale, that to be effective one must spring from a position of strength. That strength really comes from one place...those who love us, and understnd that ours is a calling unlike most others.
"I come home from another shift alive with all my body parts. However, I'm on a 9 day straight work week. Yes, 5 days were training to be CIT (crisis intervention training) - great class!

But I look at my family doing things I should be a part of. So yes, my training came into play for most of my calls, which is great. But, who fixes my crisis of not being there for my family? It's a total cliche we are trained to fix everyone's problems, but who is there for our own inner battles?

I'm just ranting but maybe that's the way we have to do things in this job. I always say it, but... Don't take your family for granted.

Be safe."

To which "Dani Z" replied: "Dani Z's We know in your heart you would rather be with us but in our hearts we are so proud of you for the sacrifice you make to take care of others. We will always be home waiting for you.... Thank you and all LEO's for sacrificing to take care of people you don't know and caring for them."

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