Monday, July 20, 2015

Room with a View

Bikecopblog began six years ago, announcing its presence and urgently requesting backup. It got four hits.Three hundred sixty-three posts, and thirty-five thousand, six hundred sixteen visits later, I am, as usual, shamelessly hawking something. This time, it is not one of my books.

My friend Dan lives in Paonia, Colorado. He retired from law enforcement last year, relocated to the town where his parents live, and settled down on a modest piece of land. His log home sits in as pretty a piece of real estate as God has made, a three-sixty of the best our state has to offer. I was his guest this weekend. As we sat sipping excellent margaritas and watching the sun dip below the horizon he asked a favor.

In addition to the main residence there is a one bedroom apartment in a detached building on his land. It is perfect for a geataway. "I want to open my home and heart to all of my brothers and sisters who just want to get away for a few days," he said.

All of us in LE understand what happens when the bucket starts to overflow. Sitting on his front porch, surrounded by mountains, I could feel my bucket leak a little bit. My fitbit recorded a resting heart rate I've not seen since I was younger. After a good night sleep and a great breakfast, I returned to Lakewood a little bit better off than I'd arrived.

So here is the deal. Dan is on FB - look him up. Take him up on his generous offer. All you have to lose is a few gallons of pain you've been carrying in your bucket.