Monday, March 30, 2015

Something for That

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As a Boston police officer was being treated for a gunshot to the face Friday night, Superintendent-in-Chief William Gross found himself explaining to a small crowd why officers opened fire on the suspected shooter.

In a YouTube video posted after the incident, Gross is seen offering to “respectfully” explain what happened to a group of bystanders, not seen on camera, who pepper him with occasionally hostile questions.

“Officers did a motor vehicle stop,” Gross explains after waiting for them to quiet down. “As the officer is taking him out the car, he shot the officer in the face, and the officers returned fire. That was it, short and sweet.”

“Y’all don’t have no protocol, any other way?” one young man is heard saying. “You got to shoot somebody?”

Gross interjects: “Did you hear the part where he shot the officer in the face?”

“You’re trained for this though,” says the young man.

Yes, we are trained for this.

An officer in a southern state confronted a shoplift suspect several years ago. In the ensuing scuffle the officer was injured. Grievously. His jaw was shattered, his tongue sliced open.... He soon realized that the man with whom he was struggling had shot him several times.

"Well, I had something for that," the officer commented. He drew his sidearm, shooting the suspect. The shoplifter later died.

Yes, we're trained for this. Now, go find a bathroom....


  1. So, they expect to be able to shoot an officer with impunity? They believe there shouldn't be any consequences. Life just doesn't work that way.

  2. It seems that person believes shooting a police officer in the face should elicit some kind of non-lethal response. You're right - it doesn't work like that.