Saturday, November 1, 2014

Right of Passage

true.There are several key moments in a lawyer's professional life. All of them are critical. Only one of them is profound.

Law school is a kick. A law student is surrounded by amazingly intelligent people, dipped in the invigorating waters of humankind's search for justice and sorely front of their friends. Eventually, diploma in hand, they emerge as a Doctor of Jurisprudence.

An ugly truth awaits on the day after. No, not that consuming copious quantities of alcohol leave one ill. There is one more test to take.

The dreaded Bar Exam.

Not everyone passes. There are a number of graduates from prestigious law schools who never pass. The majority take it several times before being successful. One of my friends, an impressively intelligent man who went on to become chief counsel to New York's environmental protection agency, and later a judge, failed in his first attempt. There are many ways to fail, but only one way to succeed.


Beth Mason, our oldest daughter (and middle child) found out yesterday that she passed the Maryland Bar Exam. Pro forma paperwork awaits, but some time in December she will be sworn in as an attorney, and counselor at law.

My heart is full of joy, my eyes weeping happy tears. Her comment?

"I passed the mighty fine Maryland Bar!"

Only, she didn't say mighty fine.

In a few short months she will have the right, the privilege...the honor to call herself a lawyer. May that day, and every day hence, be blessed.

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