Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bandwagon With No Horses

If you see a bandwagon, it's too late.
Graham and his Papa

Of course. Camden Yards in September, home of the Baltimore Orioles, was unbelievable. A warm Maryland day, our daughters and their families in attendance and.... Okay, we watched them fall to the Red Sox, but it was one of those special times I'll cherish forever. I climbed aboard the bandwagon without a second thought.

Sweeping Detroit was ironic, since Katy, her husband Steve and their son Graham lived there for almost five years. Graham attended his first baseball game at Comerica Field, the Tigers' home. The photo of the four of us on 9/11/11 sits on my desk, next to the Tillman bobble-head I scored at Camden Yards a few short weeks ago.

My sentimental favorite is out, losing four straight to Kansas City. Almost as soon as I'd jumped on the bandwagon, the horses gave out. Doesn't that figure?

Still.... For one day in the warm September sunshine, I sat in Baltimore and cheered an adopted team with our girls and their families. I got much more out of that short ride than I owed.

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