Thursday, July 31, 2014

Theme Music

Music really becomes the soundtrack to the major events to your life.

Tires pumped up. Goo, cell phone and door key tucked in jersey pockets. Full water bottle.

The new bike had zero miles on it. Unlike floor models that had been test driven and rejected, this was a custom build. I'd chosen frame, components and accessories with the expert help of Bruce Schwab of Schwab Cycles. I watched as he put the finishing touches on assembly. I'd "ridden" it on a stationary trainer to verify the seat adjustments. That was yesterday. Today I would take it on the road.

Intermittent rain in the morning prevented a ride. Noon came, with unsettled clouds roiling overhead. Go, or stay?

Seriously? I hadn't gotten more than two miles before my phone rang. I ignore it while riding more often than not, especially when I'm clipped in. This time I stopped. It was daughter Katy, on Skype. I picked it up.

Grandson Graham noticed right away that I was riding. With minimal encouragement:

"Bicycle, bicycle. I want to ride my bi-CYCLE!" he belted out. Freddy Mercury could not have been closer to the right key.

It was the perfect song to inaugurate my Guru.


  1. Glad he could help break in your new bi-CYCLE. :)

  2. I love hearing stories about Graham!

  3. He's even learned all of the words, now! Graham is a hoot - has his great-grandfather's devilish personality.