Sunday, November 24, 2013

Twenty Cents' Worth

"A Paradigm Shift isn't twenty cents' change."

Paradigm shift - a change in basic assumptions.

Our table mates at the wedding reception were family members of the bride. Nice folks. We chatted casually and enjoyed the excellent food and open bar. The inevitable question - "Getting together with family for Thanksgiving?"

No, I told them. I'm working.

Aghast, one of the folks exclaimed "You need a new employer!" Apparently he had no idea what I do for a living. He needed a paradigm shift. It won't just be me and fellow police officers working while our families eat turkey. So will:

  • Police Dispatchers, there to handle the millions of calls received each day all over the country.
  • Firefighters and their dispatch centers, ready to leave their dinner to fight fires, perform hair-raising rescues and tend to the ill.
  • Doctors and nurses in clinics and hospitals, miracle workers in scrubs.
  • Mass-transit workers, bringing families together even as theirs are miles away.
  • Pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers, gate employees and FAA Air Traffic Control professionals keeping the skies safe and giving folks a fighting chance to get home while football is still on.
  • Ambulance crews.
  • Retail workers.
  • Military members, deployed or standing watch at home.
This is only a partial list. The million or so of us learn one simple lesson. It doesn't have to be Thanksgiving Day to be thankful for the many blessings we enjoy. Our loved ones understand. We are thankful for them most of all.

Thank you to all who serve in big ways and small.

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