Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Hearing Voices

Yeah-hah!!!The voices in my head tell me where to go and, sometimes, what to do. They are pleasant. Conversations ensue, exchanges. Female voices. Men, too. A cacophony of information. A slight rise in tempo, or a shift in tone of voice is immediately evident. I stop what I'm doing and listen, even pausing mid-sentence in my latest repetitive anecdote. My coffee partner smiles - she knows the symptoms only too well. The voices resume a normal pattern and I am once again "in the moment." They will not stop, nor relent, until....

Until I wish Dispatch a pleasant good night and turn off my portable at the end of a work day. Unclipping the earpiece from my shirt collar. Taking off the uniform.

Chris and Kim. Amber and Robert. Fallon, Cindy, Val, Sara, Judy.... I'll hear you again tomorrow.


  1. LOL I was thinking it was your muse. Hm...

  2. I thought it was the pain of genius. Turns out it was just Dispatch, talking in my earpiece all day. :(