Saturday, February 9, 2013

Not one of us...EVER

RE: The asshole that killed two people who had nothing to do with anything, then shot a bunch of cops and killed one of them.

You were never one of us. We are dedicated to life. We protect the vulnerable, the frightened, the souls who are damaged and distraught. We run toward trouble, knowing we are the best equipped to handle danger, to suggest, facilitate and as a last resort impose solutions. We are brave when scared, focused though exhausted and accepting of criticism from those with half of the information we possess and even less sense. We prevail, we embolden and, through our sacrifice make ours a better community.

We don't publish a murder manifesto and then carry it out.

You were never one of us. Your former employer had you pegged.

In Memory of Officer Michael Crain EOW 2/7/2013UPDATE - for some unknown, insane reason the guy doing the killing has become a folk hero to a very small, deluded few. I don't really remember his name and will make no effort to do so. Michael Crain, on the other hand, lost his life in ambush to this madman. Officer Crain was a Marine Corps veteran, a SWAT cop and a field training officer. He left a wife and two young children behind.

Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence were his first known victims - she was twenty-eight and he twenty-seven. Their sin? Her father represented the asshole in his termination hearing and didn't win.


UPDATE: "Awaiting identification of the remains...."

So, the book is closed, except - two more officers shot, one fatally. Another family robbed of years with their loved one, another community mourning the loss of a hero. Senseless, pointless. In the end a single gunshot from the suspect that said "I'm a coward. I can't face you unless I have a gun and an advantage."


  1. This guy is a pathetic excuse for a man and an even poorer excuse for a former cop. He may have worn the uniform but he never deserved it or understood it. Shame on him and anyone who supports him. He's a coward.

  2. Exactly, Katy. He may have had a job, but that doesn't mean you deserve the title of police officer. That is earned through service.

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  4. "to suggest, facilitate and as a last resort impose solutions" - Probably the best short summary I have heard to describe our profession.

  5. Thank you, Jon. That's very kind. The best of us seem to have their "suggestions" taken more often than not.