Thursday, October 25, 2012

Romney Recommends Out of Ideas

Out on the campaign trail, Mitt Romney apparently uttered the words "out of ideas." Given the way politics has been conducted of late, I've decided to spin his comments my way. He meant, of course, to endorse my novel. It would be entirely appropriate for him to do so, inasmuch as it begins in Wisconsin and then travels to Florida - two critical states in his bid to replace Barack Obama.

Now, if I can only get him to publicly deny his endorsement (in fact, I'd venture to say he's never heard of my book, or me), decry my shameless bit of merchandising (athough, as an entrepeneur himself he might applaud my audacity) and then ask for a campaign contribution as attonement....

Anybody got his phone number?


  1. HAHAHAHAHHA You should, Beth. It's a fabulous book. Not that I am biased at all. ;)

    Marci Baun
    Wild Child Publishing

  2. Beth - LOL!!!! I'll bet Rick would think this was funny. Always the business guy.

    Thanks, Marci. I'm trying to find imaginative marketing ideas! The Rick to whom my daughter refers is her old boss - now the governor of Florida. I wonder if he would consider me a "Florida Business?"