Monday, August 22, 2011

The right thing, the wrong way

Politics make both strange bedfellows and lousy friends. I limit the number of times my political views are allowed public display.

Immigration reform is one exception. Our country has done an abysmal job of feeding our appetite for affordable craftsmen and laborers when times are good, then feigning shock at all of the illegal aliens in our midst during downturns. Far from working toward a shared solution, we stubbornly cling to "the law" on one hand, or ignore it on the other hand to rule by fiat. See this.

I add this short story simply as an illustration of what the problem does to those of us at the pointy end of the culture war spear. It is PG-17 (or whatever the 2011 equivalent). If reading my intimacy scenes makes you queasy, this is not the short for you. Just understand - until society starts to make a good-faith effort to do the right thing, some of us are going to hate these kinds of situations and exercise our discretion.

The Burglar


  1. An eloquently written story which made me stop to think long and hard about immigration reform - all the while enjoying the humor, romance and inside scoop of the "cop world" that only someone like Jim, being in that profession can do. Not to mention that I am so involved with the main characters, having read Jim's other stuff. I want to be Karen and I'm in love with Marty. Great job James A. Greer!

  2. "Last night…. Martin Saenz had fondled and caressed, and exploded inside of her as a freight train thundered across her mind--horn blaring, engine screaming until it had slowed to a gentle whisper. Chiseled in mahogany, a gift of his Cuban heritage, Mar-teen could be overwhelming and at the same time gentle, responsive, and attuned to her desires as they led her toward rapture, the bliss of revealing every passion to a man who could unlock them all with just a kiss." You continuously amaze me, Jim